Hotel Ullinge is a peaceful place for inspiring meetings, which with its beautiful location at Södra Wixen lake will energise you 
throughout the stay!
You will find modern and bright conference rooms with all the desired technical equipment. The conference rooms and group rooms
 are furnished to your wishes.

For those groups who want an active conference, we have a wide range of activities to choose from.
Here you will find something for all tastes and ages –
from lovely entertainment at the hotel, to more active challenges!

We offer a multiple of conference packages, and we will help you throughout the whole process – from booking to implementation. 
For more information, contact our sales representative, 
Linda Onvel at



Eken is our largest conference room and can accommodate up to 110 people seated in cinema seating. This room has a lovely view of Södra Wixen lake and a lovely light.

  • Cinema seating: 110 people.
  • School seating: 65 people.
  • U-table seating: 30 people.
  • Banquet/Cabaret seating: 60 people.


In our conference house you will also find Pilen, which is one of our smaller conference rooms. A maximum of 16 participants can be accommodated here.

  • School seating: 16 people.
  • Boardroom seating: 13 persons.


Our conference room, Boken, can accommodate a slightly larger group, up to 40 participants.

  • Cinema seating: 40 people.
  • School seating: 25 people.
  • U-table seating: 17 people.
  • Banquet/Cabaret seating: 25 people.

Stora salen

Stora salen is our second largest conference room, which can accommodate up to 70 people.

  • Cinema seating: 70 people.
  • School seating: 40 people.
  • U-table seating: 20 people.
  • Banquet/Cabaret seating: 50 people.


Our cozy Gillestugan can accommodate 24 people in total, but only in boardroom seating.

  • Boardroom seating: 24 people.


Outside the reception and restaurant building you will find Kapellet. Here you can have personal events like conference.

  • Cinema seating: 54 people.
  • School seating: 40 people.
  • U-table seating: 22 people.
  • Boardroom seating: 13 persons.

Lönnen, Björken & Aspen

These three rooms are our smallest conference rooms and are often used as group rooms, together with one of the larger rooms. Of course, for smaller groups these rooms can be used as a complete conference room.

  • Boardroom seating: 8-10 people.

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