The surrounding area of our hotel offers a variety of excursion destinations and activities. Here, you’ll find something for all tastes. From quiet trips on the lake to fast Segway lanes. For those of you who may have an already packed schedule during your stay, and would rather stay at the hotel, we offer activities together with our partners.

Drink tasting

Gather your group and enjoy an educational beverage tasting. We offer tastings of wine & whisky, organized together with our partners and suppliers.

Number: min. 8 people

Time: approx. 1-2 hours

Cheese tasting

Test out a variety of cheeses with us and our partners! Here you will learn more about 7 different cheeses. (Types of cheese may vary, contact us for more information.) 

Number: min 8 people 

Time: 1 hour

Chocolate tasting

Learn more about chocolate, its origin, how it is produced and much more, on our chocolate tasting. A perfect event for the real chocolate lover!

Number: at least 6 people

Time: 1 hour

Poker tasting

A fun and entertaining drink tasting! During our poker tasting you try 8 glasses of 5 different drinks. Based on the information you received about each drink, you should try to guess which drink matches the description.

Number: at least 8 people 

Time: 1 hour


A conference at Ullinge provides a great environment for a calm, creative and successful meeting in a natural environment.​


Make your dream wedding reality in the South Swedish Highlands, where we offer everything from dinner to lodging.​


Learn more about our restaurant, its history, and what we offer on the menu this season. Book your table today!​