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About us


The place where Ullinge is located has since the Stone Age been a place where people have worked and lived for several years. Through excavations around Ullinge you have found axes and many similar objects that indicate a life here long before the hotel was even built.

Let’s go back in time, to the 1900s, or more specifically the 1930s when the von Porat family clearly built their home (today our main building) and moved in. Flight Colonel Gösta von Porat lived here with his family and this beautifully situated residence, soon became a popular holiday and recreation destination for family friends and business acquaintances. Here the guests were accommodated, who were well looked after by Gösta’s hospitable daughters, Ulla and Inga. Through their hospitality they soon gave a name to the place – Ullinge – which alludes to their name.

Ulla and Inga took advantage of all the delights of nature. They hunted in the forests, and fished in the lake. In August, Ullinge became the most popular of the destinations in Småland, when you caught your own crayfish and invited during the evenings. Even today, crayfish fishing is one of Ullinge’s most sought after activities and of course one of our classics on the crustacean soup is Södra Wixen’s tasty crayfish.

Goal & Vision

Over the years, Ullinge has gone from being a private home for family guests to a hotel.

In March 2010, Ullinge was acquired by the current owner Gerd Ziegler and the work to create a place for rewarding meetings and recreation continues.

At present, we place a great focus on offering our guests well-prepared food on locally produced ingredients, developing our staff and offering top-notch service – whether it be a dinner for two or large conferences and weddings. Everything to live up to how Ulla and Inga once took care of their guests.

Regardless of all development, the beautiful and calm environment around Ullinge is the same and it is not difficult to treat!

Welcome to today’s Hotel Ullinge!