Conference in Eksjö

Ullinge is a great conference hotel between Eksjö and Nässjö. It’s a peaceful place, beautifully built on the shore of Södra Wixen. A conference at Hotel Ullinge is bound to be a creative, fulfilling one, energized by nature’s caring aura. Welcome home!

For a succesful meeting

Our packages

We are offering several different packages, each tailored to the specific needs of your conference and meeting.




Tailoring your meeting

We want your conference to be as successful as possible. To achieve that, we will tailor each meeting to best suit your needs.

Throughout the whole process, from booking to evaluation, we will be working together to make sure your conference is a success. With a long, prideful history with guests, we are able to meet your requests and create a recipe for a great meeting.

activities & kick-off

At Ullinge, we actively work at finding the best and most fulfilling activities available. We want you to feel like home.

Ullinge gives you an excellent, luxurious kick-off surrounded by nature and fantastic facilities. Over the years, we have noticed that there is no better start than the one that nature gives you. That’s why we ensure that everything fits your specific needs.

Our conference rooms

A conference at Ullinge outside Eksjö and Nässjö means great facilities surrounded by nature. Our conference rooms are modern and bright, and we adapt the furnishing to your desires. We look forward to meeting you!

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We will will help tailor your conference, meeting or kick-off so that it becomes an experience to be remembered.